Ralph & Psychic Development

"A personal journey"

Psychic development is one of life’s personal journey's many take and enjoy for all manner of reasons. Unless you are prepared to try how are you to know what you are missing?

"To keep it personal I limited training to small numbers, in order for you to have my full attention and gain quality time" Ralph explains

Psychic development courses

Friday 24 April 2015

An Evening of mediumship
Archers Cafe, 79 Park Road, Hartlepool, TS24 7PW

Friday 15 may 2015

An Evening of mediumship
Leek Cricket Club, Macclesfield Road, Leek, ST13 8SG

A personal psychic journey


The ability to do whatever we wish is within us, whether that be a psychical challenge, thought ability or the pursuit of higher attainment for ourselves. Letting go and feeling a sense of self achievement is one of life’s personal highs.

Everyone at some point in their lives has had that psychic moment however fleeting you’ve experienced it. Train yourselves to repeat similar feelings and gain from it. This is where a little time to fine tune goes a long way

By breaking down each session and to help guide you through a myriad of sensations is worth the effort. No true professional gains the heights they do without a little effort.

From understanding how you meditate/relax it is possible to go on a journey of self-discovery and meet some special guides along the way.

Follow that with precise tuning that is personal to yourself and an understanding how you can deal with a psychic ability you gain the most from the psychic development weekends.

Fine tuning the mind, body and spirit

Whether a beginner or knowledgeable with spirit you will be taken through sessions to suit your own abilities.

You are taken on a journey that will both push you and acclimatise you to receiving powerful energies. These include breaking down what an aura is, how chakra’s work individually, making contact with spirit, understanding the signs, making sense of the messages and improving your own connections.

Ralph has a unique program allowing you to feel the 6 major energies working with you at any one time and how you use them to guide yourself through life. Add to that the 13 natural elements and the personal power points you have, will make the development sessions quite educational.

Ralph works you through flexible routines and ways you can communicate in a friendly atmosphere where you make developments at your own pace. You are encouraged to have ago at the ‘All points system’ developed by Ralph to simply free you up and to raise a smile at some of the ways you can develop.