Ralph Keeton

A Medium With Spirit

Choices with medium Ralph Keeton

Choices only amplify your desire to understand more and to create a better way of life for you and others. Why should another limit your choices or limit what you believe, this is a personal choice? Remember by having your own choices you can become who you want to be with freedom to do what you feel is right!

Spiritual Public and Corporate life

Having worked alongside many people from a very young age it seems only natural to choose to look at why we must work together. I have been fortunate to work in most types of media from TV, radio, film, newspapers, internet and appearing in others books. My public face is to educate and inform people when dealing with life and connecting energies, whether I am sat in front of you or standing on stage. Humour plays a part in everything we do and I am no exception, with a smile the longest of days can be brightened. Whether for meditation, confidence building or simply the scare factor, your journey is always personal. You decide if to carry on or stop, but with a more informed mind.

Psychic Development and Education

Over the years I have been asked by many to educate those interested in spirit, by providing full day development sessions around the UK and Europe. To learn new skills or develop ones you never knew you had is a wonderful achievement no matter what the time of life you may have reached. Younger or older generations still get the same sense of attainment when reaching a goal and unless you challenge yourself to drive forward with any new learned experience you could potentially stand still. To this end I help develop the steps of inner belief by running development days, ghost walks to inform & educate and 'have a go' sessions so you can take a step forward allowing better self control.

Smile - All our journey's in life are personal

Above all my approach is simple if not a little entertaining and unusual in my own way.
Make your own choices for what you require, join me if you wish and your own personal journey can begin.