Medium Ralph Keeton

"A medium with spirit"

I know I am lucky, blessed and alive when engaging with spirit energies. I feel honoured to sense the emotions, hear the thoughts and be allowed to speak freely knowing this is all very special. It's given me a very lucky and unlucky life in one.

Mediums, Psychics and Hauntings

TV programmes such as 'Most Haunted', 'Underground cities' and revised films like the 'Exorcist' and 'Amityville Horror' by MGM, have forced Ralph back into the spiritual world again to meet spirit bodies head on.

Having spent his early years seeing and talking to spirits and being told by his peers he shouldn't, he unfortunately listened and chose not to carry on.

It took his own tragedy in losing his girlfriend as she died in his arms to have a profound effect on his life. "My world was rocked to its foundations, realising life was so fragile and yet the afterlife is so eternal". "Nothing can replace a loved one in life, nothing!”

"But over time I have understood why many come back to you, for they like us care for loved ones ” explains Ralph. "So I had to get out there and see people, places and meet the spirits who wanted me to do this vocation".

World renowned psychics Rosemary Altea and Derek Acorah pushed Ralph further into the paths of the psychic realm, both providing Ralph opportunities to show his natural abilities to a larger audience.



Potted history

Since Ralph can remember, he has always had visitors or been near death in some form. Ralph awoke one night to see a Roman soldier standing at the foot of the bed and so did his ex-wife!

Ralph's first 'Real' experience of death was actually at infant school; his best friend was crushed to death in front of him by the wheel of a lorry. It took the better part of a year to remove the images of seeing his passing.

“So how do you explain to your own parents at such an early age (6), how energy rushed passed me to grab at my friend?” explains Ralph “It was as though he left in spirit form, who'd believe me at that age, would you?” How Ralph dealt with this trauma, no one would really understand or would anyone be prepared to listen without saying "he is too young to understand". The problem with that statement was that Ralph DID KNOW and the spirit energies dealing with Ralph knew as well.

Even when Ralph was working as an Illustrator/Artist Agent, his business partner experienced all the goings on around him. To such a point Rosemary Altea 'America's Top female Psychic' visited his home specifically to talk to Ralph. Rosemary subsequently wrote Ralph into her book "The Eagle and The Rose". Rosemary’s advice to Ralph about his spiritual journey has also come true.